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Benefits of Forest School

Today's children are spending less time outside and more time indoors engage in technology-driven activities; and we believe that as parents and educators, it is our responsibility to steer our children away from this "nature-deficit-disorder".

~ Richard Louv, Last Child Left in the Woods, 2005

Ladybug sitting on a yellow flower at forest school

Nature Appreciation

Forest school:

  • Increases understanding of and appreciation for nature.

  • Augments ecological literacy.

  • Creates sustainable and healthy communities

Leaf with a heart in the middle

Health & Wellness

Forest school:

  • Improves environmental, physical, emotional and mental health while developing fine and gross motor skills.

  • Accommodates multiple learning styles.

  • Affordable and community-enhancing way to deal with school/childcare space issues.

Preschool child weighing a pumpkin at forest school


Forest school:

  • Encourages problem-solving skills and improves communication skills.

  • Creates engaged and passionate learners.

  • Supports creative and imaginative thinking.

  • Empowers learners.

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