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The Board & Staff

Langley Forest School is a non-profit charity that is managed by a Board of Directors and supported by paid staff. The Board consists of a mix of parents and community members who are responsible for the foresight, insight and oversight of the organization, while furthering the school's mission. Educators are certified Early Childhood Educators or ECE Assistants. Many educators are also Certified Forest and Nature School Practitioners.


Carol LaJ


Carol began her journey with LFS as a grandparent of one of the children enrolled in the first class.. From the class volunteer and outdoor adviser in 2014, Carol was elected the President of LFS, which also meant she became the Executive Director, Administrator and school Principal. As the school evolved to a non-working board with hired operations staff in 2018 (administrator). Carol's role has become President of the board and she is the current Operations Support Manager (lead on HR and works in tandem with the Administrator managing operations, impact and commitments of the organization)

Shannon C

Administrator & Educator

Shannon is an ECE and Certified Forest & Nature School Practitioner. She has been with LFS since 2018 as the Director of First Impressions. Shannon manages all the day to day operations and is the school registrar. She is an educator and a substitute and trainer when needed.

Ashleigh G 1.jpeg



Ashleigh has been with LFS since 2022. She is an ECE and can be found in our Preschool Program in  Williams Park for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class and the Tuesday/Thursday class



Cyndi is an ECE and a certified Forest Practitioner who has been with LFS since 2020. She works in both the preschool (3-5 yr) and OED (5-7 yr) at the Municipal Natural Park location and she is a new educator mentor and trainer.




Mary is an ECEA who has been with LFS since 2021. She has worked in the preschool (3-5 yr) and continues to work with the OED (5-7 yr) at the Municipal Natural Park



Jaclyn is an ECEA who has been with LFS since 2019 she is returning from maternity leave to the Williams Park programme in the Tuesday/Thursday class. Jaclyn is taking her ECE and will be completing  her practicum with LFS in October, 5 days a week. 

Jaclyn F.jpeg



Rachel is an ECE and has been with LFS since 2020. Rachel is splitting her week between the Municipal Natural Park  in the Tuesday/Thursday class and the WP location in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class. She will temporarily be supporting the MNP T/Th class in Winter 2024




Wendelyn is an outdoor ECE who has joined LFS for the 2023/2024 year. She splits her time with  an Abbotsford outdoor school. The new Monday/Wednesday class at MNP will be her new home.




Kelly is an outdoor ECE and has joined LFS in 2023/2024. Kelly will be in the new Monday/Wednesday class at MNP. For winter 2024, Kelly will be supporting the M/W class at WP.

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