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A Typical Day

What to expect from a day at Langley Forest School

Our day begins with a gathering activity, attendance, and free play/exploration time. The curriculum revolves around the children’s interests and where their play and inquiries lead us. Outdoor education and environmental stewardship are woven into each lesson. The environment is the teacher and the adults in the classroom act as guides, facilitating learning through support, provocations and invitations. Children are encouraged to self-regulate, choosing to eat when they’re hungry or add or remove clothing if uncomfortable; self-reliance and resilience are fostered.

Activity area for preschool children in the outdoors

Each day the children go on a hike or two. The weather, spawning salmon, endurance levels dictate where our feet take us. Mud and dirt and getting wet are everyday affairs. There is reflection time at the end of each day and a movement activity such as yoga or stretching is common. Forest Canada Pedagogy is well integrated, as is environmental stewardship. The programme is play-based and child-emergent. Mostly, we have a ton of fun in the forest together!

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